Afton Shows Presents: HYPERDRIVER

Afton Shows Presents: HYPERDRIVER

People Eating Machines, Grounded Atmosphere, Stealhead, Lucky #9, A.V.B., Jim Blair

Sat, March 10, 2018

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 6:30 pm

The Webster Underground

$12 - $15

This event is all ages

People Eating Machines
People Eating Machines are a metal band from Bolton, CT, who embrace the exploratory tradition of their native New England. Starting from a basis in hardcore, thrash, and sludge, People Eating Machines set off resolutely in the direction of progressive metal, discarding conventions and adopting unfamiliar sounds along the way.

After the breakup of their ambitious prog-rock group, Terrella, guitarists Bryan Conway and Karl James Ifert-Miller set out to develop a more streamlined, focused sound. Recruiting bassist Steve Briggs and drummer Sean Burn for the quartet's rhythm section, the new four-piece group anchored their sound in fast, percussive metal. People Eating Machines place a strong emphasis on guitar harmonies, frequently reminiscent of the finest in 16-bit soundtracks. Conway's overwhelming preference for melodic vocals (read: no death growls) leaves the heritage of extreme metal still very much evident, but mutated to something a bit more accessible. Overall they place a priority on narrative songwriting; this is music that sets off on a journey and winds up somewhere different from where it starts, not merely a succession of hooks.

People Eating Machines are in the midst of recording their debut EP for a January 2015 release. After relentless practice, the group of metal veterans is ready to take their show to the stage.
Venue Information:
The Webster Underground
31 Webster St.
Hartford, CT, 06114