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Phinehas, Great American Ghost, Sentinels, The Floors Embrace, I Have No Eyes

Fri, August 3, 2018

Doors: 5:30 pm / Show: 6:00 pm

The Webster Underground

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Within The Ruins
Within The Ruins
ho says a band needs to disappear for years at a time between albums? Pantera dropped a classic album every other year from 1990 to 1996. The late Chuck Schuldiner unleashed seven classic Death albums in the span of just over ten years. So when a band hits the kind of creative stride, chemistry and metallic momentum WITHIN THE RUINS tapped into with last year’s breakthrough album they’d be fools to slow down now.

Within The Ruins wasted no time in crafting a new career-defining landmark, Phenomena. The band’s new album is the next step forward from Elite, further jettisoning all but the best components of the oft-maligned “deathcore” genre to reveal a band whose all out assault of heaviness won’t be confined by genre. The band shreds with the best of them of course, maintaining a place next to Between The Buried And Me and The Faceless, but the new album is even more about songs than scales.

Phenomena maintains an emphasis on showmanship with ever increasing diversity, smartly sidestepping predictable structures and contrived breakdowns. Within The Ruins are exploring the type of sonic textures and esoteric territory explored by Gojira. In some spots, a more nuanced vocal assault creeps in, with powerful might.

Album kickoff “Gods Amongst Men” boasts a clearly defined chorus, the first of its kind to truly emerge. Fans of the slower, sludgy groove of “Feeding Frenzy” are sure to dig “The Other.” The dissonant guitars and evocative synthesizers of “Calling Card” would seem out of place in their earlier work, but on Phenomena, it’s just part of the rich tapestry.

“When we released our last album, we felt like we had finally found what we were wanting to do since we started the band,” explains cofounder Joe Cocchi, who proved his guitar shredding prowess, alongside his fellow cofounder appropriately nicknamed “Drummer,” with early rumblings like Omen. All Music likened the eclectic shred of Creatures to Metallica’s landmark Master of Puppets, but played “twice as fast.”

Vocalist Tim Goergen sounds as savage as ever, with a renewed focus on memorability and catchiness to his phrasing. Bassist Andrew Tate is as fluid and tasteful as before, keeping pace with this bandmates while offering his own twists and turns along the way.

“We’ve been known for technical, faster metal. But it’s the type of stuff that’s tough for someone to listen to if they’re not into a very, very specific subgenre,” says Cocchi. “The challenge we gave ourselves with Phenomena was to come up with something even better in a shorter amount of time, to really take advantage of the momentum.”

Elite established Massachusetts’ finest as frontrunners in the world of extreme metal, putting the hardworking group on the Billboard 200 and doubling the first week sales of their previous record, Invade (2010). Within The Ruins were once voted onto Summer Slaughter. Now they return, three years later, victorious, joining a 2014 lineup topped by death metal legends Morbid Angel. This is all hot on the heels of a tour with Whitechapel and a triumphant New England Metal and Hardcore Festival homecoming.

Born and bred in the same heavy metal rich Northeast soil as New Wave Of American Heavy Metal progenitors Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Unearth and Shadows Fall and weaned on the dark sounds of classic death metal, the technical melodicism of Scandinavia and the precision staccato crunch of Meshuggah, Within The Ruins have busted their collective ass to carve out a unique identity for themselves from those ingredients and have succeeded like never before with this year’s Phenomena.

“There continue to be tons of new fans for us to make,” declares Cocchi. “There’s a ton of people who haven’t heard of us. One common thing to overcome in this genre is that people move on too quickly. We are still trying to progress and trying to bring something new to the table with every album. I believe that can always be done, even if it doesn’t always happen with every band. Hopefully people can see that with us.”

The fans wholeheartedly embraced Elite. Considering how much Phenomena takes Within The Ruins’ music to the next level, there’s no limit to how far this band can go.
Phinehas formed in 2001 in La Mirada, CA, near Los Angeles. The band went through a few lineup changes before settling on Sean McCulloch (vocals), Jason Combs (guitars), Ryan Estrada (bass) and Lee Humerian (drums). The band recorded and independently released a self-titled EP on December 15, 2009.[5][6] After the release, the band went on a 10-day tour[7] before beginning work on their debut album Thegodmachine. After finishing production of the album, the band looked at many labels, before being signed to Red Cord Records in 2011.[8] Thegodmachine was released on September 30, 2011 through Red Cord, and received acclaim from music critics.[9][10] Most of the praise came from the band's "uncompromising blast of metalcore"[11] and the thrash metal-style riffs. The band toured extensively to promote the album, including a spot at Cornerstone 2011,[12] with bands such as P.O.D, For Today, Close Your Eyes and Living Sacrifice among others.[13] In early 2013 the Bridge Between EP was released, featuring updated versions of songs from their self-titled EP and acoustic renditions of songs from Thegodmachine. Shortly after the release of The Bridge Between, Phinehas began work on their second studio album. On May 17, the first single, "Fleshkiller", was released along with the album's title, The Last Word Is Yours to Speak.[14]
The band's second studio album, The Last Word Is Yours to Speak was released on July 23, 2013 through Red Cord Records.[15] The album proved to be successful as it gained the band their first charting positions on Billboard, charting on the Top Heatseekers chart[16] and the Christian Albums chart.[17] The album features guest vocals by former Haste the Day member Brennan Chaulk and featured a slight change in sound, with Sean McCulloch's vocals being more clean and less gruff. Also, the album features a strong influence from southern metal, similar to their self-titled EP.
Phinehas soon after toured in support of the album. The band was featured on the March Make a Mess Tour! with headliner Close to Home. This tour included stops at South by Southwest and South by So What?!.[18] Guitarist Jason Combs left the band in 2014, being replaced by Becoming the Archetype's Daniel Gailey At the end of 2014, the band announced they would begin working on their third studio album after concluding their tour for The Last Word Is Yours to Speak. On February 17, 2015, Phinehas announced they had signed to Artery Recordings after their previous label, Red Cord Records, dissolved into Victory Records. The new album release date was revealed for July 10, 2015 and would be titled Till the End.[20] The album's first single, "Dead Choir", was released on May 4.[21] A live music video for the song "Tetelestai" was released on June 9.[22] A video for the third single, "White Livered", was released on July 13, 2015.The band released an EP, titled Fight Through the Night on December 16, 2016 with a guest vocal spot by Garrett Russell of Silent Planet.[24] On January 10, 2017, Drummer Lee Humerian announced his departure from the band and performed his last show on January 21.[25][26] On September 13, the band signed to Solid State Records.[4][27] On September 22, 2017, the band announced a new album entitled Dark Flag and released the album's title track. The album was released on November 17 2017.[28] Drums for the album were recorded by their former drummer, Lee Humerian, according to the band.
On April 18 2018, the band announced that the live drummer of their past tour, Isaiah Perez, would be taking over the formerly vacant drums permanently
Great American Ghost
Great American Ghost
Hardcore band from Boston, Massachusetts.
The Floors Embrace
I Have No Eyes
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The Webster Underground
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