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He Is Legend, Letters From The Fire, Soldiers Of Solace, In The Red, Vision Within, Residual Self, Eden Will Burn

Fri, September 7, 2018

Doors: 5:00 pm / Show: 5:00 pm

The Webster

$20.00 - $23.00

This event is all ages

2nd Stage: 5pm Doors / Main Stage: 6pm Doors

Nonpoint is an American heavy metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and currently based in Chicago, IL.
He Is Legend
He Is Legend
He Is Legend is a hard rock band formed in 2003 in Wilmington, North Carolina who signed to Tragic Hero Records in 2009. Was on a short hiatus from 2009-2011.

Schuylar Croom - Lead Vocals (2003–present)
Adam Tanbouz - Guitar (2003–present)
Matt Williams - Bass (2003–present)
Sam Huff - Drums, Percussion (2013-present)

Touring Member
Worth Weaver - Rhythm guitar (2007-present)

Former Members
Steve Bache - Drums, Percussion (2003-2013)
McKenzie Bell - Rhythm guitar, backing vocals (2003–2006)
Mitchell Marlow - Rhythm guitar (2006–2007)
Letters From The Fire
“These are our stories our trials and tribulations. This is who we are.”

That’s Mike Keller, the guitarist/founder behind the Bay Area rock powerhouse Letters From the Fire, explaining his band’s moniker.

Ostensibly lifted from an old lyric, the phrase now serves as both a reminder of the band’s sometimes turbulent origin—as well as a rallying cry as the group moves forward and (re)introduces themselves to the music world. While Letters From the Fire has existed for a bit, the group only recently solidified a lineup that best represents Keller’s original vision (the band is rounded out by Alexa Kabazie, Cameron Stucky, Clayton Wages and Brian Sumwalt).

The band found a modicum of early success doing national tours with the likes of Fuel, Trapt, Non Point and Pop Evil, recording with former Evanescence guitarist Ben Moody and scoring a few rock radio hits (“Zombies in the Sun,” a cover of “Eleanor Rigby”).

But singer changes abounded... until they met Alexa Kabazie. “We heard about this singer from Kyle Odell, this producer we were working with,” says Keller. “She was killing it on the demos we heard. We had to fly to North Carolina just to see if she could do it in person. She nailed the audition literally on the first try. Two weeks later, we already had seven songs ready to go. She’s a star in the making.”

With Kabazie now helping out on melody and lyrics, the band shifted gears. “She was all over the heavy stuff,” says Keller. “We actually scratched a lot of stuff and wrote around her voice. It’s interesting what she brings, because we’re not really like In This Moment or Halestorm or anything you’re hearing in rock right now.”

You can hear the band’s new focus on Worth the Pain, 13 new songs that offer a beguiling mix of melody and heaviness. Along the way, the album offers twists and turns: The slow piano build of “At War” gives way to the harsher realm of “Control,” while the heavy groove of “Last December” co-exists near the perfect mix of pop and aggression in “Mother Misery.” Throughout, Kabazie sounds both defiant and reflective, stating “I’ve been a soldier in every battle except my own” and, in the title track, simply stating “Thank you for walking away.”

There are wounds here. “The record is full of stories,” says Keller. “And this is the first time I really felt something lyrically when we were writing the record. Alexa actually says what she means. Her songs actually have helped me get through a lot of my own personal shit.”

The first single, “Give In to Me,” a pummeling mix of electronics and heavy guitar, centers around a person who has an addiction that gives into their dark side. To compliment the song, the video features a mysterious stranger torturing a prisoner, who (Fight Club-esque spoiler alert) ends up being themself.

After the video and album release, the band plans to hit the road for the forseeable future, concentrating on the now. “We’re just going to play the new stuff,” says Keller. “Shed the past, let this stand on its own.”

Expect the album’s title track to be a highlight. Like the band’s name, it seems to summarize the group’s early struggles and present triumphs.

“With everything we’ve gone through, we kept fighting,” says Keller. “There were times we were so close to giving up and moving on. At the end of the day, it’s been worth the struggle and the fight to do this.”
Soldiers Of Solace
“Soldiers of Solace” is signed with German Record Label, "Rock N' Growl Records", which is a division of "Rock N' Growl Promotions". Soldiers of Solace is an all original, hard hitting, American heavy rock band, comprised of five members: “Jason Longo” on vocals, “Ron Therrien” on bass guitar, “Luis Cubille” on rhythm guitar, “Jeff Fahy” on lead guitar, and all the way from Italy, “Francesco Daniele” on drums.
Since their birth, in 2016, “Soldiers of Solace” has shared the mainstage with national acts such as: “Nonpoint”, “Jamey Jasta” of “Hatebreed”, and “Scott Stapp” of “Creed”. With poignant lyrical content, driving riffs, thundering beats, and powerful live performances, “Soldiers of Solace” is quickly making their mark on the international music scene, and gaining fans and supporters worldwide.
CT based heavy rock band, “Soldiers of Solace” was chosen by “iRockradio”, (The World Headquarters of Rock), as “The Gale Toyota, Unsigned Artist of the Month”, for July 2016. Soldiers of Solace is played in regular rotation, alongside legendary and iconic rock and metal bands like: “Five Finger Death Punch”, “Shinedown”, and “Metallica”. As part of this exciting honor, “Soldiers of Solace” also filmed a live performance, music video, in studio courtesy of “iRockradio”, as well as filming a a video on site, at Gale Toyota.
Soldiers of Solace has gained the respect of rock and metal fans and DJ's across the world and they are being played regularly on stations like:,, and
On Jan 26, 2018, Soldiers of Solace released a full length, debut album, entitled, "We Are Immortal", through their record label, "Rock N' Growl Records". Record Release Show with CD Signing and Meet and Greet happened on Jan 27, 2018 at The Iron Horse Pub in Waterbury, CT!
If you would like to show your support to this CT based, heavy rock band, who is taking the international scene by storm, or to check out show dates, and get other band info, you can visit them at and give them a like.
In The Red
In The Red
Formed in 2011, we are a New England metal band with the intent of ripping your face off.

We have had the pleasure of opening up for Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, Halestorm, Hinder, Candlebox, Fates Warning, Novus Dae, BuckCherry, Sevendust, Days of the New, Powerman 5000, Hed P.E., Trivium, Nonpoint, Queensryche ,Scott Stapp and many more.
Cody Place was born into a family full of musicians. He was introduced to singing and performing at an early age and at 13, he became obsessed with music. Not just heavy metal and rock but, also blues, R&B, and country. After playing out in bars & fairs for years with various projects, In The Red was in need of a new front man. As another project ended, the next step for him began here. The rest is history. Currently, Cody is using Shure wireless systems.
Pete Rizzo has been playing guitar for many years. He has been all over the world playing in original and cover bands. Music is where his heart is, music makes him happy, it’s what he does. Pete loves writing and playing original material and seeing others enjoy it. His only dream is to make this full time. Pete uses Line 6 Spider Valve heads, Marshall cabinets and ESP guitars.
John Halligan has been playing drums since the age of 10. He grew up in a house where music was always on and family parties always moved to being around the piano with everyone singing. A self taught drummer that learned by listening to tapes and CD's taken from his older brother, John is continually working on his weaknesses and pulling influences from his favorite drummers. Drummers like Morgan Rose, Ray Luzier, Carter Beauford and many others. John is endorsed by SJC drums and uses the following gear - Vic Firth, Sabian, DW, Ahead, Shure
Arthur Pelletier was also raised in a very musical family. His father being a drummer meant that as soon as he could crawl, he was already after trying to climb on drums. As he got older that's exactly what happened, until his parents split and his access to drums disappeared. Luckily, his uncle was a bass player and thus started him on his journey of stringed instruments. Art has played guitar for many local acts and toured with even more as a drummer. When In The Red was in need of a new bassist, vocalist Cody Place asked his former drummer if he could fill in on short notice. Since then, he continues to play bass for the band and evolve in the craft. Currently, Arthur uses an assortment of Live gear including a Black35 and Fender jazz basses, Line 6 wireless, and Darkglass Electronics to name a few, as he tries to discover what works.
Vision Within
Residual Self
Eden Will Burn
Venue Information:
The Webster
31 Webster St.
Hartford, CT, 06114