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Soldiers Of Solace, In The Red, Fear The Masses

Thu, May 16, 2019

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

The Webster Underground

$20.00 - $79.00

This event is all ages

Light The Torch
Light The Torch
The winds of change most definitely fanned the flame for LIGHT THE TORCH. On their 2018 full-length debut »Revival« [Nuclear Blast], the Los Angeles, CA trio—Howard Jones [vocals], Francesco Artusato [guitar], and Ryan Wombacher [bass]—drew from five years together as DEVIL YOU KNOW only to forge a wholly distinct path. Amidst myriad struggles, they returned from the brink under a new banner.

“2016 was a really tough year for us as a band, both personally and professionally,” admits Howard. “While going through some lineup changes we were also battling some issues with the use of our band name. At the same time, I was trying to deal with the loss of my oldest brother which really hit me hard. During that time, we just bonded like never before. We all meshed because we faced war together. We survived. At the end, we realized we were a real band and decided to make an album representing that resilience. Honestly, we came out of the dark. The name literally signifies what we went through.”

The musicians quietly struck the match for LIGHT THE TORCH during 2017. Without so much as telling either the label or management, they wrote the 12 anthems comprising »Revival« and recorded them in Los Angeles with the help of WOVENWAR and AS I LAY DYING bassist and producer Josh Gilbert [BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, SUICIDE SILENCE] behind the board. Joined by EXTINCTION A.D. drummer Mike “Scuzz” Sciulara behind the kit, the guys put their heads down and really focused on making an album as a whole, placing more emphasis on the songs flowing cohesively from one to the next.

“It was time for a change,” the frontman continues. “It was time for us to try and stretch our wings. We were really going for songs. The structuring made more sense. I was focused on

melody and harmony. I really cut loose. All in all, it was the perfect storm. We had so much fun making this, because there were really no restrictions other than creating a heavy and catchy body of work.”

The boys introduce the record with the first single and opener ‘Die Alone’. Powered by airtight riffing and a hummable lead, the verses immediately engage before the vocalist croons the anthemic refrain: “There’s nothing in the shadows, and you will be the one to die alone.”

“It was one of the first demos Fran showed me,” he recalls. “I listened to it while cruising around the UK on tour. It just worked. Lyrically, that song was like a letter to myself that I had jotted down from all of the stuff I’d been through.”

Elsewhere, ‘Calm Before The Storm’ builds from a thick guitar groove into an expansive chant. “It’s about trying to be there for those who need you,” Howard explains. “Everybody knows someone who needs a hand getting through tough times. While some may be beyond help, you never know when you can be the hand that makes a difference.”

Whether on the robust balladry of ‘The Great Divide’ or the pensive vulnerability of ‘The Safety of Disbelief’, melody takes center stage, driving one anthem after another.

“I write sappy songs,” he laughs. “There was enough that we had gone through that I had a whole wealth of emotions and stories. Some are fiction. Some are non-fiction. Some may apply to me. Some may not. If you listen closely, I promise you can hear where we’ve been and where we’re going.”

As far as “where they’ve been” goes, LIGHT THE TORCH maintains one of the most esteemed pedigrees in modern heavy music. From Howard’s decade at the helm of GRAMMY® Award-nominated and gold-selling titans KILLSWITCH ENGAGE and Francesco’s much-lauded stint in ALL SHALL PERISH and status as a shred virtuoso to Ryan’s tenure in BLEEDING THROUGH, there’s no shortage of experience. Still, »Revival« marks an important moment for all three men.

“It was a long road to get here,” reveals the singer. “We reworked everything. Once we started this, things snowballed. It was like, ‘Wow, we can breathe again.’ »Revival« felt like the appropriate name.”

Ultimately, LIGHT THE TORCH ignites the future for not only its members but metal at large.

“Everyone’s got a path,” Howard leaves off. “There will always be strange and unexpected twists and turns. More important than the struggle is how you handle it and come out of it. I don’t know what sparked it, but for us it translated into the music. This album is what we were supposed to make.”

Howard Jones | Vocals

Francesco Artusato | Guitars

Ryan Wombacher | Bass

Mike Sciulara | Drums
Soldiers Of Solace
“Soldiers of Solace” is signed with German Record Label, "Rock N' Growl Records", which is a division of "Rock N' Growl Promotions". Soldiers of Solace is an all original, hard hitting, American heavy rock band, comprised of five members: “Jason Longo” on vocals, “Ron Therrien” on bass guitar, “Luis Cubille” on rhythm guitar, “Jeff Fahy” on lead guitar, and all the way from Italy, “Francesco Daniele” on drums.
Since their birth, in 2016, “Soldiers of Solace” has shared the mainstage with national acts such as: “Nonpoint”, “Jamey Jasta” of “Hatebreed”, and “Scott Stapp” of “Creed”. With poignant lyrical content, driving riffs, thundering beats, and powerful live performances, “Soldiers of Solace” is quickly making their mark on the international music scene, and gaining fans and supporters worldwide.
CT based heavy rock band, “Soldiers of Solace” was chosen by “iRockradio”, (The World Headquarters of Rock), as “The Gale Toyota, Unsigned Artist of the Month”, for July 2016. Soldiers of Solace is played in regular rotation, alongside legendary and iconic rock and metal bands like: “Five Finger Death Punch”, “Shinedown”, and “Metallica”. As part of this exciting honor, “Soldiers of Solace” also filmed a live performance, music video, in studio courtesy of “iRockradio”, as well as filming a a video on site, at Gale Toyota.
Soldiers of Solace has gained the respect of rock and metal fans and DJ's across the world and they are being played regularly on stations like:,, and
On Jan 26, 2018, Soldiers of Solace released a full length, debut album, entitled, "We Are Immortal", through their record label, "Rock N' Growl Records". Record Release Show with CD Signing and Meet and Greet happened on Jan 27, 2018 at The Iron Horse Pub in Waterbury, CT!
If you would like to show your support to this CT based, heavy rock band, who is taking the international scene by storm, or to check out show dates, and get other band info, you can visit them at and give them a like.
In The Red
In The Red
Formed in 2011, we are a New England metal band with the intent of ripping your face off.

We have had the pleasure of opening up for Flyleaf, Drowning Pool, Halestorm, Hinder, Candlebox, Fates Warning, Novus Dae, BuckCherry, Sevendust, Days of the New, Powerman 5000, Hed P.E., Trivium, Nonpoint, Queensryche ,Scott Stapp and many more.
Cody Place was born into a family full of musicians. He was introduced to singing and performing at an early age and at 13, he became obsessed with music. Not just heavy metal and rock but, also blues, R&B, and country. After playing out in bars & fairs for years with various projects, In The Red was in need of a new front man. As another project ended, the next step for him began here. The rest is history. Currently, Cody is using Shure wireless systems.
Pete Rizzo has been playing guitar for many years. He has been all over the world playing in original and cover bands. Music is where his heart is, music makes him happy, it’s what he does. Pete loves writing and playing original material and seeing others enjoy it. His only dream is to make this full time. Pete uses Line 6 Spider Valve heads, Marshall cabinets and ESP guitars.
John Halligan has been playing drums since the age of 10. He grew up in a house where music was always on and family parties always moved to being around the piano with everyone singing. A self taught drummer that learned by listening to tapes and CD's taken from his older brother, John is continually working on his weaknesses and pulling influences from his favorite drummers. Drummers like Morgan Rose, Ray Luzier, Carter Beauford and many others. John is endorsed by SJC drums and uses the following gear - Vic Firth, Sabian, DW, Ahead, Shure
Arthur Pelletier was also raised in a very musical family. His father being a drummer meant that as soon as he could crawl, he was already after trying to climb on drums. As he got older that's exactly what happened, until his parents split and his access to drums disappeared. Luckily, his uncle was a bass player and thus started him on his journey of stringed instruments. Art has played guitar for many local acts and toured with even more as a drummer. When In The Red was in need of a new bassist, vocalist Cody Place asked his former drummer if he could fill in on short notice. Since then, he continues to play bass for the band and evolve in the craft. Currently, Arthur uses an assortment of Live gear including a Black35 and Fender jazz basses, Line 6 wireless, and Darkglass Electronics to name a few, as he tries to discover what works.
Fear The Masses
Venue Information:
The Webster Underground
31 Webster St.
Hartford, CT, 06114